Fanzine + Poster - Issue 7 [PRE-ORDER]
Fanzine + Poster - Issue 7 [PRE-ORDER]
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fanzine + Poster - Issue 7 [PRE-ORDER]

Fanzine + Poster - Issue 7 [PRE-ORDER]

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The one about Chris Wilder 

- 1x DEM Blades Issue 7
- 1x Every Three Weeks full speech poster
- Free UK shipping

Your tribute to a proper manager

Issue 7 of the fanzine is dedicated to Chris Wilder's time at Sheffield United Football Club.

When Wilder left his post earlier this year, we committed to publishing the words and thoughts of EVERY Sheffield United fan who got in touch with us. To the best of our knowledge, we've done that. 

Together, we've crafted a small, playful, irreverent, loving, angry, happy, thoughtful part of Sheffield United social history, a small but brilliant chapter in Blades folklore.

Inside the pages

We have contributions from hundreds of Blades, from a Python to the person who sits next to you on the KOP.

We have the word on Wilder from the journalists that knew him best. We interrogate the CW era with our regular columnists DeadBat, Roy, and the Carrier Bag Firm. We have Pukka Pie Poetry Corner. We have GoalWatch. And we have so much more.

As usual, all of this is packaged into something red, white and beautiful. By Blades, for Blades.

On the front cover (and the poster)

We toiled long and hard thinking about this one. What words or pictures summarise Chris Wilder's years at Sheffield United? Maybe Proper, Peroni, Muppets from Leeds? 

In the end, we went with those three little words: Every Three Weeks. The words adorn the front cover of the fanzine, and the whole speech can be found on the poster.

Three words that begin the greatest speech in footballing memory. 


This is a pre-order

Please note that this is a pre-order, copies will be sent AFTER the fanzine is printed. 

This fanzine is included in the 'DEM Blades season ticket':

If you have already subscribed to the DEM Blades season ticket, you will receive a copy of Issue 7 as soon as it is printed. 

Because of the pandemic, the subscription has undergone all sorts of delays. If you are confused as to whether you have subscribed or not, chances are you have. However, if you would like to check with us, or ask a question please email Sam at or DM on Twitter.

(And please be patient - I don't ignore emails, it just takes a bit of time to respond to them all, thanks!).